Costs & Funding

We aim to offer all of our clients a range of options to fund their cases.

  • We can offer to act on a typical private client retainer, where we charge by the hour of part thereof.
  • In certain circumstances, we can act for you on a fixed fee basis.
  • In many cases (not just personal injury and employment cases) subject to our assessment of the strength of your case, we offer to represent our clients on a no-win-no-fee basis. For example, we are able to represent clients in civil and commercial cases on this basis.
  • If you benefit from Legal Expenses insurance cover (often as part of a home/buildings insurance policy or motor policy) we can to act in accordance with your insurer’s terms.
  • We also have good relationships with providers of after the event insurance, who, subject to the an assessment of the strength of your case, are able to provide insurance cover against the risk of your losing your case and becoming liable to pay your opponent’s legal costs. They may even provide cover for your own legal costs.
  • We are also able to arrange funding for disbursements and expenses incurred during the course of your case.

Whatever your requirements, we hope that we are able to offer a funding solution which meets your needs.

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