Civil & Commercial Litigation

Tom Street has been representing clients in the County Court and the High Court for more than 10 years. He therefore has the procedural know-how and the strategic expertise to achieve the best possible results for his clients.

Tom Street & Co offer a full range of civil and commercial dispute resolution services:

  • We can apply for injunctive relief at short notice, obtaining orders for urgent relief;
  • We represent clients in claims for damages arising from breaches and repudiation of contracts;
  • We represent our clients in directors’ disputes, shareholders disputes and disputes between companies and their shareholders involving breaches of fiduciary duties.
  • We assist our clients to resolving their partnership disputes;
  • We conduct commercial intellectual property litigation;
  • We defend Wrongful Trading and Directors Disqualification actions;
  • We represent clients involved in a broad range of insolvency related litigation.

Tom also has experience of alternative dispute resolution, in particular commercial arbitration and mediation.

If you believe that you have a civil or commercial case, or you are involved in litigation, and you need a confidential legal opinion from an experienced solicitor, Tom Street & Co are here to help.

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